We Can Assist You After the Case Settles

Specialty Allocations can administer the claimant's funds or guide the claimant through the administration of their own settlement funds.

"Medicare Set Aside" Custodial Account

Specialty Allocations will professionally administer Medicare Set Aside funds (CMS approved or not) within an interest bearing FDIC insured account. We maintain compliance with the MSP statue, applicable CMS guidelines, and take any other actions to reasonably protect Medicare's interest.


"Medical Custodial Account"

(Non-Medicare Set Aside)

An established medical account from the proceeds of a workers' compensation or liability settlement that is geared towards future medical only. Specialty Allocations will serve as the custodian of the account in order to preserve the funds and to avoid pre-exhaustion.


Self Administration Service

Assistance for the claimant with his/her CMS annual reporting regarding their approved Meidcare Set Aside fund. Specialty Allocations will help the claimant negotiate with medical providers so they can avoid pre-exhaustion of their fund.


Specialty Allocations

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