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Specialty Allocations’ Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment is a comprehensive report that provides an objective analysis of a person’s functional capabilities and/or limitations in returning to gainful employment.  We accurately and objectively assess an employee’s ability to safely return to work or to determine the nature of work a person can do subsequent to an injury. The Vocational Rehabilitation report is completed by a qualified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. Vocational Rehabilitation is an excellent tool to use in workers’ compensation cases.

Our Vocational Rehabilitation services assist individuals who are recovering from a mental or physical disability which has caused employment disruption. A customized and comprehensive vocational rehabilitation plan is developed for each injured worker.

Vocational Service Components:


Initial Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment

Qualified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor performs an onsite visit. During this time, the injured worker’s physical capabilities, transferrable skills, educational background, academic skills and vocational interests are documented.


Summary of Medical Records and Treatment Plan

Report includes both a chronological review of medical records and overview summary of treatment received from injury onset to present.


Vocational Testing

We perform a series of tests to determine the worker’s interests, achievement, aptitude, skill set and abilities.


Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)/Work History Review

We gather the worker’s employment history and analyze the worker’s skill set and abilities to generate a summary of transferable skills. Determining one’s transferrable skills can help identify potential job options.


Labor Market Survey (LMS)

A Labor Market Survey is performed to identify the total number of jobs available in a specific geographic location and salary ranges available for these particular positions. It reflects the general economic climate of an area and the major growth industries in that area. Based on this information, we document current job availability, salary, and requirements for employment.


Readiness to Re-Enter the Workforce / Job Seeking Skills

An overview of the worker’s readiness and ability to return to the workforce.


Functional Status Assessment/Physical Limitations

An assessment completed by a physician, who notates the worker’s physical limitations.


Financial Status Review/Loss of Income

Provides a snapshot of the worker’s expenses, income, or lack of income.

Calculation of loss income from the onset of the injury.

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